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Cave Lake Boat Tour
Surrounded by dense forestry, slope down to another miracle of nature in Kefalonia’s subterranean world and let your footsteps guide you to the cave of the nymphs. Beautiful waters with changing shades of blue as the sun sets, honey-like brown walls and countless stalactites will take your breath away and travel you to a mythical world that you will remember forever. In the 1962 excavations, quite a few oil lamps, plates and figures were discovered depicturing the god Pan and several nymphs. Legend has it that the Cave of Melissani was the very spot where one of those Nymphs, Melissanthi (or Melissani), drowned after being rejected by the god Pan. Indulge in the virgin beauty of amazing Kefalonia Island in private boat tour and cross the blue cave waters with friends, family or on a romantic cruise with your other half aboard.  

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