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One Day In Argostoli

One day in Argostoli

Kefalonia is a rather big island, boasting of magnificent landscapes and must see attractions scattered all around. If you want to miss the less possible, let’s explore Kefalonia separated in regions, starting our expedition from Argostoli city.

It’s a beautiful, sunny morning! Start from the central square of Argostoli and walk to Lithostroto pedestrian mall street. Here you will find traditional products, and plenty of souvenirs shops. You can visit the orthodox church of St Spiridonas, the church of St Nicholas which is the unique catholic church in Kefalonia and at the end of the pedestrian street you must definitely enter the Clock Tower in Kambana Square (the Bell Tower), which offers magnificent panoramic views of the city. Once the centre of the town, Kabana Square (Bell Square) has historical connections with Argostoli’s struggle for freedom and for many years was the central square of the city.

De Bosset bridge Kefalonia

Continue your tour and go stright to De Bosset Bridge. De Bosset Bridge is the largest stone bridge on a sea water body and has been in existence since 1813, when the Swiss engineer Charles Philippe De Bosset was employed by the British Army.  Here you can enjoy amazing panoramic views of Argostoli city.

It’s midday and the temperature has risen! The best thing to do now, is head to Argostoli beachfront and enjoy a refreshing cocktail inspired by local wine at Grand Cafe of Kefalonia Grand Hotel.

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